Our Philosophy

Cooking a meal and taking time to savor it is one of the sexiest sensory experiences you can have.  So, let’s make the most of it.

We all have to eat.  It’s one of the great common denominators.  Why not make it a really stimulating event you really look forward to.

Tantalizing aromas, pleasing presentations, a wash of color, a balance of textures and flavors that all join together to help us realize what a remarkable gift a simple, well-planned meal is.

Our job at The New Melting Pot Kitchen is to guarantee a daily meal that is not only healthy, but provides pleasure and satisfaction at the end of your day. You deserve it!

And here’s the final kicker:  It’s not hard to do.  You all just need a little encouragement and some basic knowledge of what it takes to create a little excitement at mealtime. That’s what we’ll supply.  

Six nights a week. 52 weeks a year.