The Grown-up Kitchen

Does any of this ring a bell? You are of a certain age and you know it’s time to start eating a healthier diet? Perhaps you’ve had a health issue or been told by a doctor to change your diet? Just trying to keep those extra pounds at bay, so your clothes fit better? You might be among the legions of folks who’ve decided to eat less meat. So where are all those good recipes that will help you do that?

The idea of changing your diet can be fraught with frustration. “How do I choose the food combinations that make up a healthy meal? Will this new way of eating taste good?” And maybe most importantly, “What does a healthier meal look like? Even those of us who can or have cooked over a lifetime, might feel like we need some new ideas once-in-a-while.

So here is the help you’ve been waiting for but didn’t know to ask for. The Grown-up Kitchen. It offers a year’s worth of tasty, healthy and sustainable complete-meal ideas with grocery lists, and they cue up for you every Saturday. You just pick the meals you’d like to eat and make up your grocery list. If you’re having trouble planning for an entire week, a great meal idea will just show up in your email every day.

Are you uncomfortable with the cooking part? It’s OK. When it comes to new adventures in the kitchen, many of us get a little anxious. At the Grown-up Kitchen, we’ll teach you about the new food combinations you’re putting together and offer up some new skills to help you prepare them. A stunningly tasty meal is on the way! We’ll even show how to plate the meal with a grown-up portion, so it looks really scrumptious.

With a grocery list in hand, a weekly, well-organized stop at the store will save you a pile of money. The satisfaction of cooking healthy, beautiful looking meals loaded with fresh flavors and textures will have you celebrating your grown-up-ness. And your clothes will continue to fit.

Welcome to the Grown-up Kitchen. This is what eating like a grown-up looks like.