Our inexpensive subscription model provides you with six days of healthy and sustainable dinner recipes each week.  Why only six?  We hope you’ll use the free day to experience something new on your own, or perhaps just enjoy the leftovers!

At the New Melting Pot, we’ve spent years re-engineering and testing new versions of the internationally influenced recipes we’ve come to know as New American Cuisine.  Our recipes are healthier and lower in fat, but with an emphasis on flavor. Our meals are designed to evoke fond memories of ma’s and grandma’s kitchens, and we’re pretty sure they won’t disappoint.  And we always offer some photos to help you make artful and appetizing platings.

These meals are mostly plant-based.  If you have meat eaters to cook for, we often offer an optional meat choice.  However, our goal is to help you adjust your diet for your family’s health and the health of the planet.  Migrating to more of a plant-based approach can get us there.

Every morning you’ll receive an email notice of what’s for dinner that day.  When it’s time to start fixing dinner, just click on your printable version of the daily recipe.  If you like the meal, mark it as a “favorite,” and you’ll have quick access to it in the future.

Every daily recipe comes complete with a grocery list.  And every Saturday you’ll receive a complete list of recipes and grocery lists for the next two weeks.  The grocery lists are editable for your convenience.

We hope you enjoy your culinary adventures in The New Melting Pot Kitchen!